Everybody has a story. So, tell it. And by that we mean, self-publish your book!

There are so many moving parts to the publishing process – from editing, to design and layout, to marketing. It can be overwhelming to try and wrangle it all by yourself.

You need a team to support you!

A writer and editor that can help you tell your story. A designer who can create a book cover and inside pages that engage your reader to buy your book.

Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing is our editorial and indie publishing service. We care deeply about our clients and want to get them published.

Here are three lessons that she thought might be helpful for any aspiring author: 


Get a professional team. This step is critical if you want your book to succeed. Traditional publishers have professional editors and designers, and a crew of production personnel who help make a writer’s book shine. So, as an indie author, you need to have the right people to make that happen, too.

The essential roles of a publishing team are:

  1. Editor. They get the manuscript into shape, proofreading to catch all the typos, and make sure the book tells a story that makes sense.
  2. Designer. This is the person who designs not only your book cover, but also your interior (deciding what fonts and art work go into making for an enjoyable reading experience).
  3. Publisher. This is the person/company who helps you get your book published and into the appropriate distribution channels (e.g. Amazon).
  4. Web Designer/Digital Marketing Specialist. This is the person who builds your writers’s platform, starting with your website, where you can sell and promote your book.

Who’s on your team?

Here at Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing, this is what we do:

  • Maritza Cosano. As a professional writer/editor/designer/publisher with over 20+ magazine and book publishing experience, Maritza edits and re-shapes your story so that it flows better and “hooks your reader”—her favorite line. Her job is to make sure your book makes a coherent argument and tells a story that’s clear and devoid of plot holes. Maritza is experienced in writing press releases that help promote your book, as well as design not only your book cover, but also your interior pages. This includes the selection of fonts and artwork that go into making for an easy and enjoyable reading experience.
  • Alexandra Gomez is a writer and managing editor, with a passion for the written word and a well-structured story. She digs into your story, line by line, then polishes it some more to produce a final draft. Alexandra assists Maritza with acquisitions, as well as with all editorial decisions and services.
  • Sheila Powers is a Webmaster who helps build your author’s website—a necessary tool to help market your book. If you want people to discover your work, you need a platform and your website, along with Amazon.com and the right publicity, is your best strategy.


Get smart distribution. There are some questions to consider when you choose self-publishing: Do you want to print yourself and work with a local printer? Do you want your book available online and in bookstores?

We recommend getting your book on Amazon, because you need to be where people are. Even if you made money selling your books directly to your readers through your website, you’re not going to reach as many people than if your book was available online for every potential buyer.

Amazon is your best bet. It’s not just an “everything store” — it’s a mega distribution and discovery channel you can’t miss to have onboard. Unlike Yahoo or Google, when people are searching and ready to buy anything on Amazon, and that includes books, your title is available for purchase. Since it’s print-on-demand, you don’t have to spend a single dime out of your pocket to print the book. Amazon does everything for you: sell, print, ship. And once a month you receive your royalties for all the books you’ve sold.

A Word on Print-on-demand

The quality of CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing house, is as good as any print-on-demand publisher. They offer:

  1. Bulk order discounts. You can buy as many copies to have available for your website readers or for gifts, as well as speaking and signing engagements.
  2. They give you incentives that you don’t find elsewhere, including access to KDP select and the Matchbook program.


Get going.

You need a powerful launch. You can do everything right, work with the Little Red Rocking Chair team, get your website, build your platform, but if you don’t launch your book well, it won’t matter.

You can’t expect to just “put” your book on Amazon and watch it sell! Because it won’t. You have to launch it. Think about a rocket before it launches. It causes a great explosion before it can be sent into space. The same can be said about your book. If you want people to discover your work, you need to put your book out there, not only into cyberspace, but also into people’s hands. And for that, you need a good strategy.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Buy 100 copies and send a free copy of the book to local bookstores or people you may know. Ask the bookstore owners to consider placing them on consignment. Ask your friends to share your book with other people.
  2. Place your book on your website and offer it at an early discount, if they buy it the first week. That may lead to a spike in sales, which may lead to other great things, like your book becoming a #1 bestseller.
  3. Talk about your book on your website’s blog consistently. Find chapters in your book that can relate to different subjects and topic of the day, for a period of 15 to 30 days.
  4. Send an email with a press release to bookstores [small and large], to traditional publishers, and other publishing sources such as R.R. Booker. This is a one-page promotional piece talking about your book and the reason why you wrote it. It should include a snippet of your book and the target audience. Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing offers Publicity Services, which includes press releases, so make sure you take advantage of it. The cost is only $150 for a one-page press release and the value is priceless, as it can help launch your book to the media as well.

So, there you have it. Get writing. Get a smart publishing team such as Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing and… get going! Try both self-publishing and traditional publishing. And see what works best for you.

To start your book publishing process today, contact The Red Team at 954-695-2493 or email Maritza at Maritza@littleredrockingchair.org or Alexandra@littleredrockingchair.org.