Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

Is there a right answer? It kind of (always) depends on what you’re looking for. Of course you want to get your book published, but this guide can help you decide what’s right for you!

Traditional Publishing Pros

  • Print distribution in bookstores
  • No upfront financial cost
  • Usually they offer an advance
  • They do the editing, formatting, and cover art for you
  • Prestige of being published by a known house

Traditional Publishing Cons

  • Very hard to break into
  • Long publishing process – six to eighteen months
  • Loss of creative control – publisher gets the final say on everything
  • No marketing help!
  • Lousy royalty rates, between 6% and 25%
  • Hard to retain your rights in the contract (they will own your book!)
  • Most readers don’t shop by publisher

Self-Publishing Pros

  • Total creative control – every decision is yours!
  • Publication is almost instant
  • Easy to make changes, from editorial to design
  • Great royalty rates, and you retain the rights
  • Anyone can do it well if they hire a professional editor/book designer

Self-Publishing Cons

  • Harder to get print distribution in bookstores
  • You need to hire a professional editor and designer to do your book formatting, inside pages, and cover art
  • You are responsible for marketing and promoting your book, or you need to hire somebody who can do it for you

The publishing road is dark and full of potholes, no matter which avenue you take! It’s arguably just as hard to sell your book when you’re backed by a publishing house as it is to self-publish with e-books or print-on-demand.

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and believe self-publishing is the best way to get your work out there, as many established writers have done, then contact our Red Team today.

Let’s get you published!

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