Inspiring Imaginations. We Work Efficiently. We don’t just illustrate books. We create covers that intrigue the reader.

Inspiring Imaginations.

Everyone at Little Red Rocking Chair loves books and has a deep respect for the authors who write them. We feel a tremendous responsibility to help our clients in every way we can, from reading and editing their manuscripts, to publishing them, to being there to listen and help shape their writing career.

We Work Efficiently.

Every book is different. Every author is different. We work hard to encourage authors to follow their passion. Then, we take what they have and broadcast it to the world in the best possible sense.

We don’t just illustrate books. We create covers that intrigue the reader.

We set the tone. Set the stage. Create an atmosphere. Our goal is to create book covers that will entice the reader to buy them.

You have a story. Tell it. We’re here to help you publish it.

From writing ‘Chapter One’ to ‘The End.’ Our Editing Services will match your needs.

Writing Services

From ghostwriting to blogs, book proposals, query letters and articles, our writers are professional journalists and creative writers ready to write your story or blog.

Design Services

People do judge books by their cover. At Little Red Rocking Chair, we like to create book covers and page designs that will entice the reader to explore the book and hopefully buy it.

Guarantee Like No Other

We are proud to work with many writers across all genres of Fiction and Nonfiction. We work hard to ensure our authors find the best homes for their manuscripts, whether it is traditional or independent publishing.

Write to us.

So, you want to get published?

Write to us to start the process.

Showcase Our Work

We are proud to represent new and distinguished authors across all genres of Fiction and Nonfiction.


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We are a different kind of publishing company. One that cares deeply about our clients and champions the books we work on.